Episode 2

Mastering Accents

with dialect coach Gaby Santinelli

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This episode’s guest really puts the accent on success. She is a top dialect coach who has helped performers find the right voice for Oscar-winning films and TV hits like ‘The Crown,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ and ‘American Horror Story.’ An Olivier Award winner, Gaby Santinelli also teaches voiceover acting at the University of Southern California. As an acclaimed actress and singer, she has performed on the soundtrack for some of the world’s most famous films, including ‘La La Land,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ and ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Furthermore, she’s been in a string of London’s West End shows, including ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’

In this episode, Lauren and Gaby explore why she decided to pursue a career in dialect and acting coaching and her motivation to help Americans and Brits master accents. Together, they delve into how to work effectively with an actor and a script to achieve the best possible accent outcome. Gaby highlights the challenges that arise in trying to quantify how someone takes in sound and discusses the perceptions around the differences in acting education on both sides of the pond. 

Created & produced by: Podcast Partners
Published: May 11, 2022

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Lauren Samuels

British star of stage and screen Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her career in show business. Her podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed on the silver screen. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are making their own Hollywood dreams into reality.

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