Episode 20

Film Financing

with Alexa Jago

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Alexa Jago produces award-winning films and finds funding for them too. The LA-based Brit brings great experience to her work, having started off as an actress, making her movie debut alongside Kevin Costner in ‘Waterworld.’

She’s a member of the board of directors at BAFTA North America and devotes herself to many more charities in between movie-making. In this enlightening interview with Lauren, Alexa explains how she found success and how you can too.


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Published: Nov 23, 2022

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Lauren Samuels

British star of stage and screen Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her career in show business. Her podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed on the silver screen. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are making their own Hollywood dreams into reality.

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