Episode 14

Casting Director

with Bonnie Zane

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Bonnie Zane is a leading Hollywood casting director who knows talent when she sees it, having cast a string of hits from The Larry Sanders Show to Mad About You, and many more. Perhaps her greatest casting coup was putting Meghan Markle in her star-making role in Suits – as Bonnie tells Lauren, she saw 300 other actresses for that part before Meghan “lit up the room.”

In an interview that plays like a masterclass for actors, Bonnie advises what to do to give yourself the best chance of landing the role, as well as the things to avoid. She also gives some rather surprising advice for British performers chasing parts as Americans.

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Published: Oct 12, 2022

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British star of stage and screen Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her career in show business. Her podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed on the silver screen. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are making their own Hollywood dreams into reality.

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