Episode 9

Branding and Beatles

with Angie & Ruth McCartney

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Episode description:

If you’re interested in The Beatles, branding, or business success stories, then this episode is ideal for you, as mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Angie and Ruth McCartney describe their journey from Merseyside to Los Angeles. It was in 1964 when Paul McCartney’s widowed dad Jim married Angie, who, along with her young daughter, Ruth, went to live with him at his Liverpool home, where members of The Beatles were frequent visitors.

They share with Lauren memories from those days and explain how years later, they are running a business empire in LA, in between touring the world talking about The Fab Four. This hilarious duo really are themselves, The Fab Two.

Created & produced by: Podcast Partners
Published: Jul 13, 2022

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Lauren Samuels

British star of stage and screen Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her career in show business. Her podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed on the silver screen. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are making their own Hollywood dreams into reality.

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