Episode 3

Beating Cyberbullies

with actress Chase Masterson

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Chase Masterson is an actress and activist. She’s appeared in ER, Sliders, The Flash, and perhaps most memorably in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where her out of this world performance as Leeta saw her voted TV’s favorite sci-fi actress. But it’s right here on Earth where she’s having a significant impact now, heading up Pop Culture Hero Coalition, a nonprofit she co-founded that is dedicated to stamping out bullying and other forms of discrimination.

In this episode, Lauren talks of her own experience with cyberbullying during her time on the BBC talent show ‘Over The Rainbow’, and Chase shares the horrific story of a Star Trek fan who put her pictures on a dating site and pretended to be her. She admits that everyone who becomes a public figure will face cyberbullying, saying: “It’s going to happen, and it’s going to hurt. But you have to treat it like a mosquito and flick it off.”

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Published: Jun 1, 2022

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